Transportation for Westchester County

In conjunction with the Westchester County Department of Transportation, Liberty Lines provides safe, reliable and efficient local bus transportation services throughout the County on 59 routes.

Each year, the company transports 30 million passengers and covers over 10 million miles.

This Liberty Lines bus in the New York parking garage is part of The Bee-Line System in Westchester County Employee slider firstslide The Bee-Line System Liberty Lines bus picking up passenger at the New York bus stop in Westchester County This Liberty Lines bus the bus stop is part of The Bee-Line System in Westchester County Pic 1 cropped slider
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Liberty Lines Mission

  • Safety and service for the public
  • Respect and appreciation for our Employees
  • Integrity in our public Private Partnerships
  • Fairness in our Labor relations
  • The pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness and Best practices for Transit Operations

“Liberty Lines Transit is dedicated to levels of maintenance and service that are unmatched by most transit providers in the industry, and certainty by peer agencies in the New York Metropolitan area.”

—Transportation Resources Associates, Inc.