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To contact Liberty Lines Transit, please fill out this on-line form below or call, write or fax us at the numbers and address listed here.

Corporate Headquarters:

475 Saw Mill River Road
P.O. Box 624
Yonkers, New York 10703
Phone: (914) 969-6900
Fax: (914) 969-0840

Route Information & Schedules (WCDOT): (914) 813-7777

Lost & Found: (914) 376-6361

We are eager to receive your comments or suggestions. Some of the best ideas come from our riders. If you are pleased, let us know. If you encounter a problem, we want to know about it so that corrective action can be taken. Please complete this form and send it to us. If you have trouble sending the form, you can always mail, fax or e-mail us directly at Thank you.



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475 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, NY 10701 (914) 969-6900
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